1. Is this an affordable process?

Yes!   We all work hard for our money and know it doesn’t grow on trees. You not only save time but also money. Prevents making the costly mistakes.  With 15 years’ experience NWI manages your needs and desires achieving the end result everyone is thrilled with. Working with a Three-part fee structure;

Part 1: Design Plan Fee

Part II: Implementation fee

Part III: Completion Fee.  has proved to guarantee the best results time and time again for you and me.

2. Will you give me choices?

YES! While we hope to have the optimum plan, after meeting and understanding you and your space and your style. We bring forth choices of finishing’s and fabrics options that still fall in line with our concept and vision but give you the chance to finalise details.

3. Do you assure that my space will reflect me?

YES! From clients who don’t know their own style to clients who have it completely identified, we truly do bring you into the space and complete the project unlike anything you could imagine. Part of the enjoyment of NWI’s job is working with different clients with different styles. I love building a relationship with client’s enhancing your personality into the space.

4. Will you work with the items I have?

YES! NWI is happy to make sure your antique French Buffet finds a home and with an updated twist. I will always work to find a new home for that piece of artwork and furniture.  This way you are not parting with sentimental valuables or items you cannot replace in this phase of redesign.

5. Do you back all of your products with warranties?

YES! Years of building great relationships with our suppliers and tradesman’s pays off.  NWI will always maintain our relationship so you can come to us with anything at any point and we will be able to resolve any issues.

6. Do you have the experience to handle different types of projects and budjets?

YES! We have done everything from working from the ground-up, residential design to designing new custom window treatments for a room. Projects and needs come in all shapes and sizes and we welcome them. Helping you envision what is needed to truly change how you live or work and how to budget for that to happen, no matter the size of the dream.

7. Do you finish your projects in a timely manner?

YES! The project timeline depends on the scope of work but you will know, from the beginning with our initial meeting, what we are looking at for a time frame. We work very hard to stay on top of orders and receive, always keeping you up to date.  We can arrange pieces to be dropped off to you at the project address individually or have one day for installation.


If you have any other further questions please don’t hesitate to call me, more than happy to answer any questions.